The Motor Experts in Fractional Horsepower Motors

At Mamco, we design and manufacture high quality AC and DC electric motors for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). We manufacture motors for a wide range of commercial, industrial and consumer applications. Mamco specializes in motors used in power transmission and fluid motion. We use a whole system approach to maximize value for our customers. For generations, Mamco’s core business of electric motors and systems has grown to include universal motors, permanent magnet motors, part sets, assemblies and related products.

Our innovative team can design and manufacture customized motors for your applications. Mamco products are used in a wide variety of products from commercial and industrial appliances and machines to power tools, kitchen appliances, and lawn and garden tools. Mamco has a superior design team, manufacturing capability and commitment to quality. Give us a call or e-mail us about your motor needs.

Mamco Motors Applications

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