Custom Design of Motors for OEM Applications

Mamco Design Team

Our innovative team of engineers can design and manufacture customized motors tailored to your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) applications. Applications include home appliance, recreational and marine, business machines, computer peripheral, power tools, vending, electromechanical devices, automotive and many other applications.

Total System Design

Mamco engineers are eager to offer their expert design advice to our customer's engineering teams. Working with our customer’s engineering team creates the best total system design by keeping a low cost and high quality right from the beginning of the project.


Mamco engineers are ready to offer assistance with any and all issues related to electric motors as well as the appliance. Design assistance, prototype testing and reliability testing are common at our facility.

Additionally, Mamco engineers strive to respond quickly to customer questions and design needs.

Quick Delivery

Mamco has a close relationship with key suppliers and has the ability to react quickly to customer needs. An experienced staff of professionals in our organization affords Mamco with a unique advantage in responding quickly to provide needed product in a short period of time.

High Quality

Mamco’s commitment to excellence means you get the highest quality built motor from start to finish. High quality, knowledge and expertise are integral parts of the way we do business. And it shows–our company consistently ranks extremely high in customer quality rankings.

Mamco fulfills our customers' expectations through our total quality management as well as continuous improvement and we have the customers quality rankings to prove it.