About Us

Company History

1910 - Henry Meltzer, Grandfather of current owners, immigrates to the United States.

1934 - Henry, along with partner John Oster, open a machine shop in Racine.

1938 - Allover Manufacturing began.

1946 - Master Appliance Manufacturing opens makign hair dryers and other appliances.

1948 - Master Appliance Manufacturing begins making motors for internal consumption.

1953 - Mamco Corporation separated from Master Appliance Manufacturing as a motor manufacturer.

Quality & Value

Mamco has a history of providing High Quality products at reasonable prices. We strive to operate a lean business where each employee contributes to the value and quality of the product shipped. We are in a process of continually improving each process and operation to ensure every penny spent is an investment in the quality and value of the product we build and ship to our customers. Mamco is globally competitive on the products manufactured.